Sharing Prayers for Earth healing


If you are inpired to make your own verison of Prayer Pods and would like to add some of the prayers that I have received from around the world with your communities prayers, here are some to share.


Share a prayer. Send a prayer. Let's seed love for the Earth all over the world.

If you would like to send me a prayer to add to this list, email me ... damini (at)  Thanks



"May we all live from place of deep gratitude for all that is in and part of our lives.
May we always know the precious Gift of Life.
May we always act from place of love, compassion and gratitude.
May we know we are One."



"May each and every human heart awaken to the preciousness and sanctity of Gaia and Humanity Committing to the Goal of Unconditional Love and Compassion for all of Life in All its Expressions. May particular attention be placedon protecting and nourishing Gaia's etheric body that human prayers and the most fervent wishes of the Divine Whistleblowers flow freely and unimpeded. So be it. And so it is."


" My prayer is for love, honor and respect for the Earth awaken in the heart of all human beings so that we treat ourselves, each other, and the planet with love, honor and respect."


"Peace to heal Mother Earth with prayers, love, forgiveness, compassion, understanding, hope and cooperation."


"May all beings respect life in all its forms, knowing each being, whatever its form, to be whole just as it is."



"May peace and love arise and settle in humanity's heart and flow into your peace and love that you dear Mother Earth may feel sustained, loved and held by us.  You who are and provide everything for us, may we mature in our hearts and wisdom to respect and love you as your deserve and may we awaken to our shared Being with you our Mother Earth."



"May we hold you as you hold us, in Love with many blessings."


"Please include my prayer for “Divine Sanity” in a prayer pod."



“ I am grateful that the hearts and the minds of the people the planet are open to keeping our food and water sources pure and protecting all of our natural resources. I’m grateful that they are being cared for and fairly distributed for the good of the planet and all of her beings. So be it!”




"Wish everyone would send a good thought into the universe."



"Our Prayer: May All Dogs, everywhere, be happy and free "



"May Love and Light fill our days. May Peace and Tranquility wrap us at night."



"Let us all realize the beauty of the Earth, and our individual responsibility to care for and protect her."



"May All Beings Be Happy, May All Beings Be Free"


"May we re-member the soul animated presence of everything around and within us...."


"May All Beings Be Happy"



 "May peace fill the earth."


"Cleansing of Her Blood. Healing of Her Heart"


"Blessings of Love"


 "Blessings to Water..."


"Gratitude for all blessings, fortitude in all trials and love for all beings and our planet Mother Earth."


"Blessings and gratitude for your love. May all beings learn to appreciate and learn your generous heart."


"May abundant love and light infuse the earth and her ecosystem for healing."


"May the earth and all her creatures return to balance"


"May the human world discover gratitude for Your beauty, Mother, ceasing to plunder Your body out of greed and ignorance."


 "May we all learn to flow, and heal, WITH the rhythms of earth wisdom."


 "May the Spirit in all beings know their light, and shine it forth."



"May all beings remember that love is all that matters and open up their hearts "


 "Peace on earth!!"


 "Blessings to winged ones, furred, and the finned."


 "May all people come home to love"


 "May the world shift toward balance and wholeness. Aho!"


"May compassion and acceptance be first!"


"Abundance of balance and divine love"



"Prayers to elementals and ethers to teach two leggeds how to coexist in health and well being"


"May all beings be released from suffering <3"



"Would appreciate a prayer for the health and wellbeing being of my loved ones- a lot of people in my inner circle having tough time Thank you"


"Wish everyone would send a good thought into the universe."


"May Love and Light fill our days. May Peace and Tranquility wrap us at night."


"My wish is that people will see the life in all things again and feel connected to the world instead of isolated from it."


"I love you, I love you, I love you to the moon and back <3 <3 <3


"For reverence to radiate on and in our mother, planet and world."


" I pray that mankind will open their hearts to love and respect for Mother Earth and all our relations."


"I am love, I am life, I am light; you are love, you are life, you are light;; we are love, we are life, we are light, "


"May the earth and I continue to work together in living close. ...forever healed with love and gratitude."


"Bring love to everyone on this planet."


"I pray that every being feels worthy, love, and freedom"



"Healing to the lands and the hearts of humankind"


"Respect and love for all life...humans, animals and plants"


"My prayer would be for the planet to heal. And for the humans to wake up and stop killing our planet. Love and peace to every living being."


"That every human shall surrender to the love that is ever-present, trust in the universe, and give up efforts to force or control things. That we all lead with our hearts and souls, for the greater good of all creatures and the earth."



"May humans heal and awaken through their heart. By becoming aware of the power of love that we are, we will take care of the Earth. "


"That consciousness will awake to the concept that this planet is a living being, showing it respect and becoming conscious stewards of her well-being.

That we achieve peace, respect and equality for all in our lifetime."





"Beloved Gaia, All forms of life from the Mother, Earth and worms, Gnomes and sacred microbes, fur and feather scale and skin. Let love spring forth from this vessel and penetrate all corners of your beautiful bountiful boundaries. Blessed Be."