Soulscape journaling :: Creative interruption

Did you ever stop dead in the mists of working. you feel anxious, your chest gets tight. that’s a signal that you bumped into something in there that needs to be looked at — acknowledged.

The best thing you can do is that a moment and grab some pens or pencils and a black sheet of paper and write out all the feelings that are coming up- then let your pens to draw how you feel.

Allow you creative process to help you get clarity on your resistance.

Start with the tightness in your body and instead of running away from the feelings or ignoring them— go towards them.

Pick up a pen start and start somewhere by allowing your pen to express what you’re feeling inside. Try not to judge or to make a story out of it. Stay present with those feelings and because your feelings are an expression of energy, allow those sensations to be expressed. Notice how each pen mark shift show you feel.

This is how you begin your journey of self-inquiry and soul-discovery.