Love + Trust

Love and trust meditation.jpg

All you need is a little {self-} love and trust.

Once you make a decision, are you satisfied with the outcome? Or are you like me: sometimes my choice is crystal clear, and other times my choices get eroded by hesitancy and fear. I begin to second-guess Should I? Shouldn’t I? Is this the right decision?…Frankly, it’s exhausting.

We would all like to be clear decision-makers, but the truth is, we are human. Sometimes we make mistakes.

A few years ago, I decided to sell my acupuncture practice to pursue a new career. Everything in my body and heart said YES! Take the creative healing road! My friends and family lovingly asked variations of: “Are you nuts?!?!!” With the wise words of Mary Oliver’s poem “The Journey” inspiring me, I took that proverbial leap of faith. Well, to be honest, I jumped.

Now, three years later, I continue to move forward with this new venture. I'm not going to sugar-coat the truth — It's hard. Every day, I have to muster a level of self-love, trust, and/or courage to meet the demands (and sometimes terror) presented by this new journey. It's not the business stuff for me (although there is a steady learning curve). The hardest part for me is being “out there” — being so public. The second hardest part is trusting that going public is a form of healing and transformation.  

Remember the old joke: What do you get when you play a country song backward?  You get your love, your car and your job back.

In my worst back-and-forth moments, my mind taunts me: I had it so great! I want my old life back. Yet when I consider going back, my heart and body scream NO WAY.

Being reflective is important. Learning from our choices is healthy. In contrast, always looking back and wishing for people, places and things to be the way they were is simply not healthy.

The answers to our most profound questions — to your most profound questions are in the now — in your body. All you need are the tools to feel and listen with your heart and soul, instead of hearing the chatter of your mind.

In the face of change and total upheaval, all we can do is give ourselves some love, trust our hearts, and listen to our intuition. That’s where our power lives — our power is inside us. We claim our power by  trusting in ourselves —instead of looking outside of ourselves for answers.

What I love about the creative, intuitive process is that it keeps us in the present moment. In the now, not in the past nor the future. Our intuition, our BodyWisdom, is what helps us flow from this moment to the next, in a conscious way. Letting our body and heart lead us, without drifting back, wondering dreamily how we got here or fantasizing about our future.

Lovingly — always lovingly — stop apologizing for who you are, and for the choices you have made. Love yourself enough to trust yourself about  your past dreams. Love and trust yourself enough to carry your current dreams forward.

In your body and soul, what is nudging you to change?

How are you being called to be the person you always knew you that you could — and can! — be?

Below is a daily exercise "Love &Trust" to build the muscle-memory of your creative intuition, to grow your body-truth, which will develop your ability to Know your Heart and Love your Life.


8-minute exercise on how to Trust your Body and Love Your Life!