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How do you stay connected to yourself amidst the rush of life?

How do you create silence to hear yourself? 

Can you claim this space wherever you are?

The answer is Yes.

And it may take practice.
Join us in Embodiment  a  free four day class to learn simple practices to make more space for you in your own life. 

  • Learn techniques to be present amidst chaos. 

  • Learn to access your own inner clarity 

  • Gather inspiration in a group setting while maintaining healthy and clear boundaries

  • Allow your creativity to bypass your mind and give you access to the infinite.

Jan 6, Grounding       Learn how to anchor and focus — no matter what environment you are in. 
Jan 7, Distilling         From a centered space, learn to hear your own inner clarity for planning, reflecting or integrating.
Jan 8, Holding         Learn how to communicate and coexist in a container, while staying connected to your inner voice. 
Jan 9, Envisioning     Learn how to bypass internal chatter, bypass your mind, and accessing creative clarity.

Join us to:

  • Replenish yourself and remember how to occupy your space.

  • Gather energy + support in a group setting.

  • Sit in a container of creativity + meditation.

  • Use simplicity + embodiment practices to accept ourselves exactly as we are.




Kate Brenton, Ed.M., holistic practitioner, inspired educator + writer shares practical wisdom on living in balance. Meet courageous women on her podcast, Rebirth or learn more at katebrenton.com


<Damini Celebre is a lover of the natural worlds, magical worlds, and the inner realms. She is the founder of the Soulscape Journaling process, author of the book Painting the Landscape of Your Soul and offers transformational healing journeys for your Heart & Soul. Learn more at daminicelebre.com.


  • January 6-9th, 2020

    1pm - 2pm EST


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Drawing on the abundant nature of reality begins with accepting ourselves exactly as we are.
— Dr. Shifali