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FallOut Shelter for the Soul

Online Self-Study Course

Are you overwhelmed? Learn how to stay centered. Are current world events freaking you out? Learn a new way to stay grounded. Are you feeling like you are taking on the World's panic? 

Learn a new way to deflect anger, rage and sadness. These tools are simple-yet-powerful reminders to come back to yourself.  Get control of your destiny again.

Vision iT : how to become a powerful manifestor 

Online Self-Study Course

Do you want to live you life on your terms?
Would you like to get clear on your dream and take steps to manifest your vision?

Vision It! teaches you the four steps to manifest the life you want to live. Learn to apply these four steps to anything you want to manifest: a new job, a sweetie, good health, world peace.

Get out 101 : be with Nature again

Online Self-Study Course

Everything is alive and has spirit. Nature, the Web of Life is part of our mammalian heart.  So it's time to get outside!

Let yourself be reminded that Air, Water, Sun, Star, Tree, Earth, Rock, Beetle, Fox, Bird are all part of your family- as the Navaho people's say- All Our Relations. We are part of the Web of Life.