Upcoming Workshops & Retreats


Soul IMmersion Retreat |
July 2019

4-Day Retreat

One of many things the intuitive creative process can show you is: what is keeping you from being fully present with yourself and in the world. It is essential to look at the bumps, blocks, and stories that hold you back from growing, changing, and shining your light. You have worked with the book now join the community.

Soulscape Journaling | LIVE ZOOM CLASS

August 5th, 12th & 19th 9pm – 10:30 pm (EST)

The Soul speaks in metaphor and symbol, intuitive hunches and synchronicities, which our rational minds can often override.

The Soulscape process speaks a language your Soul can understand: creativity! This body-centered practice uses spiritual and creative tools that communicate in the sacred language of your Soul: guided visualization, Shamanic journeying, and Intuitive painting. 

Soul IMmersion Retreat |
November 2019

5-Day An Embodied Creativity Quest
New Mexico

When You live from your heart and are in ALIGNMENT with your soul’s essence — You thrive.

There comes a time in your healing journey when you are invited to make a choice. You can keep repeating your limiting patterns continuously, or you can choose to break free, and become the fullest expression of who you are meant to be. In other words, you can make the choice to live your Soul’s purpose