WINTER: Conversations with Land :: Photo Journeys

WINTER: Conversations with Land :: Photo Journeys


Photo Journeys :: WINTER allows you to connect deeply with Nature.

Move beyond everyday, mundane, ordinary reality, and step back to the sacred moments of life. This ten-day photo journey uses your imagination and your phone cameras — to explore your connection with the Web of Life.

Each day, for ten days, you will be invited to explore a new perceptive that connects and aligns you with the Web of Life. Your morning prompt will serve as a guide and a blessing, to record your experience with Winter— all using your phone camera.

Be free. Be creative. Have fun!

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What’s the Web of Life?

As we walk through the world, we are walking through a living being. Earth. Nature. Water, Rock, Plant, Air, Sun, Moon- everything is alive and has Spirit— this is the Web Of Life. Our busy world of schedules, technology and comfortable modern housing make it easy to lose our connection with the Web Of Life. Connect back.

Our ancestors lived in close relationship with Nature. They knew that we are all One with the natural elements of the universe. Medicine people, or shamans, of prehistory, were the community healers. They made art to celebrate our connection with the Spirit that Lives in All Things.

“See with your ears and hear with your eyes”, a Shipibo Shamans phrase, I think really expresses the creative experience. Being creative helps see beyond the box, allows you to see the world around you (and inside you from a different view point. Allowing your creativity to flow also brings a twinkle to your eyes and brings a sense of aliveness into your life.

Using creative to connect with The Web of Life— Nature will allow you to connect in a new way, to see your relationship in a whole new way. Be One with the world around you in a whole new way.

Spread the word... help heal the planet

• Share your photo-journeys of the Web of Life with your community.

• Allow your portraits allow others to remember that we are all One.

• Most importantly, have fun! Rediscover your creative self who likes to play in the great outdoors and who appreciates beauty in all its myriad forms.

Be One: Connect. Explore.