Get Out: Be with Nature Again

Get Out: Be with Nature Again


A while back, I was walking in the woods with a friend of mine; we started lamenting about how so few of our clients experience nature.

Sure, we all go outside for exercise or to-go-and-fro places, but to get out, and just to BE WITH Nature...well, can I say it's not most people's second nature. So here’s how to make it so!

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Everything is alive and has spirit. Nature, the Web of Life is part of our mammalian heart. My invitation to you is to get outside more and be with nature as an ally. To invite Nature be fully part of your life. To engage with the natural world as a living being and not ignored.

Let yourself be reminded that Air, Water, Sun, Star, Tree, Earth, Rock, Beetle, Fox, Bird are all part of your family- as the Navaho people's say- All Our Relations. We are part of the Web of Life.

This is an In-Your-Own-Time Class, you will get a PDF with an Audio link to connect with Nature