Heart to HEART :: A creative journey to heal your heart (a Soulscape downloadable program)

Heart to HEART :: A creative journey to heal your heart (a Soulscape downloadable program)


We are all looking for love: love from another, love for yourself, love from the Universe, Source, and Creator.

For some, it is easier to give love than receive; for others, it is easier to receive. You might think that you don’t deserve love, or that you can’t give it.

Whatever our beliefs, it is possible to unconsciously block the flow of love — because of fear. Perhaps we don’t believe it possible, or accept it when it is presented to us; perhaps we hide from it when we feel it get closer. Some of us create brick walls around our heart, with moats, and all to keep us from feeling anything that might shake our core beliefs about love.

Because many of us carry wounding around love, it is always important to balance your relationship to love, over and over, deepening your ability to clear emotional blocks and thought forms and open your heart chakra. When we do this, we allow our hearts to expand, creating an elevated light vibration that becomes a clear beacon that allows love in.

This course invites you to spend seven days having a heart-to-heart with yourself. Using spiritual and creative tools that speak the sacred language of your heart – guided visualization, Shamanic journeying, and Intuitive painting, you will deepen your relationship to your heart, bringing healing and ultimately more love into your life.

This course will also work with intention, manifestation, and ceremony to raise your heart’s love-light vibration, bringing love into tangible forms that you can understand and explore. Take these 7 days to begin your journey to clear out heartache, heartbreak, lies, and old stories, and replace them with trust, compassion, openness, and happiness. After this course, your heart light vibration will broadcast a clearer signal, attracting similar vibrations to you... and the love you desire can suddenly be all around you.

This 7-session course includes:

• 9-Video classes

• 28-Support videos

• 7-Stand-alone audio meditations

• 10-Additional audio exercises

• 8-Embodied Movement playlists

• 7-Screensaver images

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