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The embodied experience of creativity & healing.

SExplore Your Soulscape| 
January 2020

5-Day Retreat


Deepen Your Relationship with Your Soul

Our Souls speak in visuals, in symbols, metaphors, intuitive hunches, and synchronicities. Often, our rational minds overlook and ignore this soulful language. Building a relationship with your Soul can be challenging.


Embodiment: Co- offered with Kate Brenton + Damini Celebre

January 6-9th, 2020
Free On-line

How do you stay connected to yourself amidst the rush of life?
How do you create silence to hear yourself? 
Can you claim this space wherever you are?
The answer is Yes.
And it may take practice.

Join us in Embodiment  a  free four day class to learn simple practices to make more space for you in your own life. 

Creating Space: a Soulscape vitual Gathering


Each month, join me and like-minded community members as we learn to come back into our bodies. Feel your intuition and your Soul as they teach you to Allow Joy to flow in your life.

All you need is a high-speed internet connection, one uninterrupted hour, some paper and colored pencils.

New Years Retreat

5-Day Retreat


Awaken Your Creative Heart

Bring in the New Year by awakening your creative heart, your intuition, and your inner vision.

Over five days we will hold space for deep introspection, community-inspired exercises, journaling, and experiencing how to work with intention.

  Damini’s “soulscape” workshop is an energetic, creative and expressive soul warp & wefting process that will leave your body-mind-spirit re-connected, lifted and joyful, as well as gift you tools to keep those energetics going when you leave.

    Damini is a gifted teacher-wise-woman who shape-shifts effortlessly throughout the workshop, picking up on every subtle and not-so-subtle cue from the group.
    I loved that this work is so NOT dogmatic....instead beautifully promoting pure freedom and a safe space to express it. A true gift to your heart and soul.
— Patrice, PA; Soul Immersion retreat, July 2019
Wow, I am just feeling so amazing. Thank you so much. I just have no words, just so, so much gratitude!
— SM, Utah