Workshops & Retreats

The embodied experience of creativity & healing.

Transformational Healing Retreat | September 2018

3-Day Retreat
Temenos Retreat Center

This year our Healing Retreat invites you to walk outside the yellow lines that confine you, break out of limiting patterns that hold you in old ways of being, think outside the box of who you are and what you do, unravel the mind/body energetics that keep you and your body trapped, touch your soul more deeply, transform your life.

new year’s retreat | December 2018 – January 2019

5-Day Retreat
Pendle Hill Retreat Center

This New Year’s retreat invites you to focus on your Heart and what you want to create in the upcoming year. Give yourself the gift of time, introspection, and delight, as you connect to your heart and soul.  We use the intuitive creative process to connect you back to yourself, your heart and Source energy — one brushstroke at a time.

Soul Emersion Retreat | February 2019

4-Day Retreat
Pendle Hill Retreat Center

One of many things the intuitive creative process can show you is: what is keeping you from being fully present with yourself and in the world. It is essential to look at the bumps, blocks, and stories that hold you back from growing, changing, and shining your light.You have worked with the book now join the community.