Embody Joy!

by embodying joy in your life,
you can discover a creative, expansive way of being.


Soulscape Coaching

learn how to embody joy in your everyday life

Are you in a transitional time in your life? Confused about direction? Seeking your deeper purpose?  Damini offers one-on-one Soulscape Coaching sessions (long-distance and in-person) to clear blockages, enliven your energy and awaken your soul's purpose. Using spiritual and creative tools that speak the sacred language of your Soul – guided visualization, Shamanic journeying, and Intuitive painting –  Damini helps you deepen your relationship with your Soul, bringing healing, abundance and love into your life.

I wanted to thank you for showing me the exercise where I locate sensations in my body, and then I just draw the energy out. It works very well for me and has been very helpful. It’s amazing how support from one session really boosted my spirits and I’m feeling so much better.
— Chemene, CA



A Soulscape journey to heal your heart


Creating Space!

A free monthly online class to help you embody joy in your everyday life.

Damini’s wisdom are of the world but deeply connected to the Earth. The moment I walked into the studio I felt like I was being held and guided by the energy of the universe. Damini oozes love, kindness, gentleness, hope and possibility. the only thing I could do was transform.
— Virgina, MD