Discover your True Self through the transformative process of painting. 


Upcoming Workshops & Retreats


Shamanic Practitioner Training | February – June 2019

6-Month In-Person Training

This training is perfect for those of you new to the shamanic path and some of you have done some training with myself or other amazing practitioners, and are looking to go deeper with this work. Regardless of your experience, this training will offer you a strong foundation in core shamanism and deep personal healing to inspire each of you to create a 21st Century Shamanic practice that is unique for your life and your practice.

new year’s retreat | December 2018 – January 2019

5-Day Retreat (waiting list only)
Pendle Hill Retreat Center

This New Year’s retreat invites you to focus on your Heart and what you want to create in the upcoming year. Give yourself the gift of time, introspection, and delight, as you connect to your heart and soul.  We use the intuitive creative process to connect you back to yourself, your heart and Source energy — one brushstroke at a time.

Soul IMmersion Retreat | February 2019

4-Day Retreat

One of many things the intuitive creative process can show you is: what is keeping you from being fully present with yourself and in the world. It is essential to look at the bumps, blocks, and stories that hold you back from growing, changing, and shining your light.You have worked with the book now join the community.


Awaken Your Creative Soul


Can't do an in-person workshop? You can start the discovery at home! Damini's book, Painting the Landscape of Your Soul takes you on a healing journey using the creative process as the foundation for self discovery, igniting your creative spark and guiding you to heal your Soul.  This book is available in soft-bound and digital format.


Heal from Within

Transformational Healing Sessions with Damini

Are you in a transitional time in your life? Confused about direction? Seeking your deeper purpose?  Damini offers one-on-one healing sessions (long-distance and in-person) to clear blockages, enliven your energy and awaken your soul's purpose. Using a combination of Asian medicine theory, Subtle energy medicine, and Shamanism, Damini crafts a treatment that is unique to you, addressing where you are presently in your personal journey.


Get Energy First Aid ...for life!

Energizing You! This powerful and innovative program blends the best of ancient and modern paradigms, art and science, and Eastern and Western cultures. In a multi-tiered series of workshops, each class builds on the next. Energizing You! is a profound, transformative healing journey, offered online.

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Online Courses

Connect to your creative soul through at-home study programs with Damini

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Looking Within :: An at-home retreat

Longing to know your truth? For a way to connect deeper to all aspects of yourself?

Painting as a Spiritual Practice uses the intuitive, creative process to connect you back to your heart and your soul. Intuitive creation uses the wisdom of your body to connect with your feelings and emotions.


Inspire Growth

Get inspired to open your heart and experience your creative self! In blogs, videos and visual art, Damini shares her learnings and adventures, as well as advice on healing and creativity. Join in the conversation by adding your comments and experiences.

Damini is a wonderful fascinator. She has the ability to hold consciousness for everyone simultaneously. Damini listens deeply to her guides; the land, the animals, birds, spirit and to all of us and is then led to speak from her heart with each one of us with so much Love and Sacredness. She holds the space for our process with so much Unconditional Love, so that we are safe to release whatever that does not service us anymore. I felt great after the workshop, can’t wait until the next one!
— KA

What People Are Saying About Damini

Damini has a way to make you dig deeper.
— MM
Thank you Damini. This has been a lovely experience.
— SG
*IntuitivePainting058 copy.jpg
Damini, all of the stuff you are putting out is so awesome, real and from the heart. I just wanted to thank you for sharing yourself. It is very helpful and inspiring the flood light you have shown on my path.
— Anonymous
I was delighted to be able to release any anxiety about my lack of talent and simply let the elements flow through me onto the paper. Thank you for your gentle guidance. 
— KM
Painting the Landscape of Your Soul was a life transforming class for me.  Tapping into her knowledge of the healing arts and shamanism, Damini beautifully crafted a creative experience that invited me into a deep and transformative exploration of my heart and soul. I grateful to Damini and the Land of New Mexico for this powerful life changing experience! 
*IntuitivePainting096 copy.jpg
After a session with Damini, I can felt the love come back into my heart - absolutely awesome!
— JP
This was an incredible process and way to connect with the spirit of spring and Mother Nature. I loved sharing this with others and rejoicing in the beauty of the season! Damini’s seasonal photo journeys have helped me open up to a whole new way of looking at nature.
— Anonymous
Damini offers a gentle loving environment to keep going - to explore layer upon layer.
— KS

Press & Interviews

  Book Review:   Painting the Landscape of Your Soul

Book Review: Painting the Landscape of Your Soul

 Interview:  Why Shamanism Now , with  Christina Pratt

Interview: Why Shamanism Now, with Christina Pratt

 Interview:  Passion with Purpose , with  Cindy O'Conner from EBTV

Interview: Passion with Purpose, with Cindy O'Conner from EBTV