Why play with paint?

I fully believe in the joy and the transformational power that painting brings into your life.
— Damini Celebre

Painting is an expressive tool for self-discovery. With the simple act of playing with paint, you can express your inner dreams and hopes — and even any limitations or obstacles that might prevent from realizing your innermost desires.

There are many tools for for self discovery, but painting  is a potent, joyful transformational tool for expressing yourself. (Plus, I bet your inner-four-year old is just yearning to play with paint again.

You might be asking yourself: Why do I need to use paint if I already have a self-reflective practice?


There are many ways to connect with your inner self. When you play with paint and focus on self-discovery, you follow the lead of your body, your heart and your soul. Following your innate body wisdom gives you permission to listen within, instead of outside of yourself, for answers.


    The simple act of painting allows your heart, your intuition, and your subconscious to make you aware — and to express, with paint — feelings that guide you on your healing journey.

    Recognizing your inner feelings leads us to your inner knowing, and allows you to be your most authentic self.
    When you paint, you...

    • Strengthen your intuition, by letting your body•wisdom lead the way.
    • Stay in the present moment, instead of thinking about the past or the future.
    • Keep healthy. When you are able to freely express your emotions, your heart and your energetic body (also known as your meridians, chakras, subtle energy fields, or energy channels) are balanced.
    • Get unstuck. Change old patterns and create new pathways in your body•mind•spirit muscle memory.
    • Express yourself with color. Each color has a healing vibration which can aid in your healing.
    • Transform. When you move, your energy blocks dissolve and your path forward becomes clearer and easier.