At-Home Courses

Connect to your creative soul through
at-home study programs with Damini.

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Heart to HEART :: A creative journey to heal your heart (a Soulscape downloadable program)

We are all looking for love: love from another, love for yourself, love from the Universe, Source, and Creator.

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Looking Within :: Painting as a Spiritual Practice: An at-home retreat

Longing to know your truth? For a way to connect deeper to all aspects of yourself?

Painting as a Spiritual Practice uses the intuitive, creative process to connect you back to your heart and your soul. Intuitive creation uses the wisdom of your body to connect with your feelings and emotions.

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Other Online Classes with Damini

ExtraOrdinary You!

Understand, Explore and Manage Your Energy, Vitality and Power!

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This powerful and innovative program blends the best of ancient and modern paradigms, art and science, and Eastern and Western cultures. In a multi-tiered series of workshops, each class builds on the next. Energizing You! is a profound, transformative healing journey, offered online.

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