Drawing #365! :: Dear Moon


OMG! this is Drawing #365!  What an incredible experience this whole project has been for me. Honestly, I am a bit blown away that I did make a drawing every day. I wasn’t sure I would make it through to the end of the year. I am so glad I did!.  Thank you, everyone, for your support— heard, read or felt!

I plan to continue drawing each day in 2018, cause whatever will I do with all that free time, and really, I would miss the experience of drawing every day.

Here is what's written into this last drawing of 2017 …. 

12.31.2017 Dear Moon... Thank You. “Dear Moon thank you for being with me all year. You constantly mirrored for me how to be me— how to ebb and flow, how to be bright and dark. Reminding me every day that however, I am right now,  is perfect.  Thank you! I love you!” 

In 2017, I made a drawing a day.  It was a commitment to allow time each day— to do what I love, draw. What I didn't expect was how much residence the project would take up. This project was on/in my mind/heart —all day long. Some nights I was tired and didn't wanna draw (but I did), after about six months I found I was starting the drawings at night and would complete them in the morning. Ultimately, I am grateful for the time I gave myself to reflect on my day. It was a soothing balm for my heart and my mind.

What inspired each day? Life.  The metaphor of Landscape inspired each drawing— the outer Landscape, Nature (The Web of Life), and Inner Landscape of my heart and head (Emotions).

Reflecting on this completed project, it was a visual journal of my year, yes,  but it is also a journal of the human experience.

Looking at a year's worth drawings can be a bit overwhelming. It is a lot to take in.  Individually each drawing has its own personality and energy.  Together the synergy of the whole year is remarkable.

If you are in the Philadelphia area, all 365 drawing are on exhibit at> ArtSpace1241 until January 20th

Carrie Bancroft