PrayerPod: Winter Thru Summer Solstice

On Dec 21st, 2017, in a ceremony, I placed the 108 PrayerPods on the Land, in the Western Burbs of Philadelphia—Berwyn PA with the intention to send healing prayers to Momma Earth

This shine of healing to Mama Earth started in a dream. The dream was compelling enough for me to take the time to manifest the dream into my waking life.

The PrayerPods: The primary intention is to gather prayers and wishes for a healthy planet into one focal point.

Over this six months, I have been struck by the beauty of these clay pods as they dissolve into the earth and to watch the prayers from many people merged together into one.

This time-lapse vid, also shows us the passage of time and how the Elements help these healing intentions return to the Earth.

I can talk more about impermanence, love, oneness, but as you watch this time-lapse movie, I suggest you breath into your heart invite your heart open a little, and allow what message that is meant for you to arise.

Also, if you have a prayer-wish-intention for Mama Earth, please message me, and I will include it in other pods that I am sharing with the Earth.

Thanks for watching!