We are all connected: Tahlequah's Grief


Tears fill my eyes, as I follow this mothers display of grief. The loss of a child is a profoundly painful experience, both for the mother, her family, and her community.

This Mama Whale, Tahlequah, is morning, not only the loss of her child but the loss of hope for her community, as this community dwelled in size. Do you feel this too?

Perhaps, Tahlequah is touching a place in your heart, a place that is still connected to the Web of Life, That reminds us of our interconnectedness to each and every being around us. 

That connection that may be buried, deep and if you read this far, it has been stirred awake. We can call that empathy, but empathy is also how we connect — feel into what is around us. That’s a good thing: To feel connected — not separate. That means your heart is still open to feeling and hasn’t shut down. There is still hope.

4 things that YOU can do to support Tahlequah and her community.

1- Send Love: Take a moment, breathe into your heart.  Honor the sadness and grief you may feel because your heart is open. And under those feelings is compassion and love. You may experience the energy of love as white or golden, you may hear love as a sound, or you may simply feel it in your body. However, you experience love, invite this tender love to go to Tahlequah, and her pod to add support, strength, courage, and to know that they are not alone in their sadness and loss.

2- Get Connected. Knowing that we are connected to all life around us, is the first step in healing. So, go outside- feel the ground under you, breath Air into your body, feel the warmth of the Sun on your face, and listen to the movement of Nature all around you. Nature gives us life, without Nature we are barren. (Perhaps that is what tugs at each of us- watching Tahlequah grief,  your dwindling access to Nature)

3- Support: Support the folks that are working to create a better world The Center for Whale Research.

4- Share this story and spread the love.