Conversations with Land :: UPPERCASE Magazine issue #34

I am super excited and honored that I am part of UPPERCASE mag issie #34- This issue is about exploring.  UPPPERCASE is is SUPER diverse creative magazine,

"Part of our human nature is to be planners, doers, and organizers. But those societal should-have’s also dictate expectations of how we should act in the world and who we should be. I get it; I'm a Capricorn, ruled by Saturn (the task-mistress). Or, maybe I should say... I used to be.

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Sometimes, you have to let it all go to find a new way. I did just that in September, 2016. I left everything behind and set off on a three-month camping road trip. Traveling coast-to-coast, I wanted to deepen my relationship and have a conversation with this Land I call home - the United States.

Conversations with Land is what I call my creative process. Influenced by my personal relationship with Nature, I explore the energetic and vital connection to Self and the natural world by putting pencil or brush to paper — mark-making.

On this road trip, I imagined myself sitting out in the middle of nowhere, painting ecstatically. Some places were truly in the middle of nowhere, some were not. Mostly, I found myself sitting silently for hours, and simply being with Nature. Each drawing is created by my direct emotional response and connection with Nature.

When you connect with Nature, your mind chatter stops, and you find your own true inner nature. And that connection shows up in every aspect of your life!

Damini, award-winning artist and author of Painting the Landscape of your Soul, incorporates painting, energy medicine and shamanism to awaken your creative self."

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