Started in a dream

It started with a dream of the complete piece.

And like any other dream, the details have dissolved, but the feeling, shape and concept remain.

In the dream I saw theses "seed" shapes in a hole in the ground, that is the same shape as the "seed" shapes. (seed-pod where not how I saw it in my dream, it is how my mind has learned to talk about them)

So I put up some paper and started to draw what I felt. Feeling and drawing. Then I tried to explore that shape in clay.  

I do know at some point the shape on the ground will be about 5 feet long, which means that is a lot of clay.  Throughout the process, other thoughts arise; i.e., Impermanence, what we seed, what we plant.  

This is the process as of today.  I know all of this may change as I  follow the energy, but we will see.



It started with a dream from damini celebre on Vimeo.