Prayers for healing the Planet

During the summer I had a dream, where I saw myself ceremonially placing seed pods in a hole on a hilly open landscape.  The seed pods contained prayers for healing the Planet.

Since the Summer, I have been working on creating clay seed pods to be installed on the Earth. Each pod will contain a prayer for the Earth. The pods are made of local clay and the prayers are handwritten on paper. They will dissolve into the earth over the seasons. I am going to place the seed pods on the ground before December 1st, near Valley Forge Park in Pennsylvania.

I am also taking this opportunity to share this project with the public via social media. I hope that this project will invite folks to reflect on some key themes: The preciousness of all life, that nothing lasts forever (impermanence), to make them aware that our beautiful Planet needs respect, love, and healing — now, a how a simple intentional ceremony can create healing for the planet and All Beings.

I will be photographing the pods every day, and sharing the images on Social media. Together with our intention,we can all keep our healing prayers for the Planet present in our minds and hearts.

Do you have a prayer-intention-wish for healing the Planet?
If so, I would like to include your prayer in a seed pod please email me.

Thank You
Blessings for All Beings