Looking Within

Painting as a Spiritual Practice

7-day At-Home Retreat


Intuitive creation is a form of meditation that invites you to come deep inside of yourself.  Instead of searching outside of yourself for peace and centeredness, you find inner peace. As you learn to know your heart, you return to your authentic self. Intuitive painting is a powerful spiritual practice because it invites you to listen deeply to your body and your heart, then prompts you to express what you feel by putting paint to paper. Intuitive creation helps you bring your internal experience outward, to your day-to-day awareness.

In classical Chinese medicine, it is believed that illness starts in the heart. The healthy heart allows all emotions to flow and be expressed in a balanced way. In contrast, emotions that are tucked away —held inside and not expressed — become stagnant emotions that slow your energy down to a crawl. Over time, stagnant emotions create Illness.

Looking Within is a profound healing journey that allows the energy and emotions in your heart to flow — inviting wellness, joy and deep connection with yourself and others.

This at-home-retreat offers five opportunities to Look Within, which are profound ways to reflect, gain insight, listen to your heart, and know your truth. No matter how much time you devote to Looking Within, whether it’s a few minutes or a few hours each day, you make a commitment to connect back to what is important to you. Each downloadable video in this at-home-retreat discusses a few core concepts about the powerful, creative healing practice. Also included with each video is a closed-eyed process to guide your focus inward.

Through a journey of self-discovery, you will be introduced to creative healing concepts, and will learn ways to connect with the wisdom of your body and your intuition. You will learn powerful techniques to untangle blocks that are holding you back. You will learn how to lovingly connect with your divine light.

What’s included:

  • Seven 20-minute videos, delivered daily to your inbox.

  • Daily audio exercises.

  • Five movement playlists to inspire you to connect with your body while creating.

  • One guided meditation.

  • Extensive video glossaries.

  • Lifetime access to all content.  

What you will need:

  • High speed internet — to watch and download retreat discussions and exercises.

  • A private space in your home — where you can spend quiet time to reflect and to create.

  • Supplies:

  • poster paint (kids’ tempera paint), or colored pencils, or watercolors, or crayons

  • a few inexpensive paint brushes (or you can use your fingers)

  • a large, mixed media art journal (90 lb. paperweight) or a mixed media paper pad, 9 x 12 or larger (80b or a bit heavier)

  • quart-size water container, paper towels, a plate, cookie sheet, or something to act as a palette to put paint on

  • masking tape or binder clips to hold your paper in place on a table, door or wall

    Or, if you want to go digital:

  • iPhone: Draw.ing Pad, Doodle Paint Art

  • Android: PaperDraw