PrayerPods: Equinox gathering : Queen's Wood in Highgate, London


On Wednesday morning I hosted an Equinox gathering in the magical Queen's Wood in Highgate, London. 

7 soulful women gathered to mark the equinox and to explore the themes of balance and particularly giving and receiving.  The woods have offered us so much through her welcome, witness and wisdom and as a way of offering our gratitude, we crafted some clay pods, containing prayers, which we then placed out in the woods.  I'd collected some bits from the woods that people used to decorate their pods too. 


There was a really lovely feel in the cabin as the pods were being crafted, I could feel the care and prayer and the offering to nature was beautiful. 

I'm attaching a picture of all the pods, the candlelight and spring sunshine means the image isn't great but I hope you will feel the energy of it. 

I'm also attaching an image of my own pod- very different from the one I made at Imbolc.  It morphed in the making and ended up rather womb-like, which feels fitting for spring equinox and the sense of fertility. 

I shared your website with all participants and they may drop you a line too!

Thank you for your inspiring project and for being part of our wonderful gathering!

Warmest wishes,

PS. Share your Love and Prayers for the Earth, Make a PrayerPod in anyway your heart feels is right xx Damini