Painting as a Spiritual Practice

This past weekend I was honored to facilitate 16 women in a workshop called Painting As a Spiritual Practice. Each time I offer a workshop, I am amazed at the profound transformational healing power that happens for participants  as they perform the sacred practice of putting paint to paper as a!

What defines a spiritual practice? A spiritual practice is any way that you can connect deeply with something greater than your day-to-day self. Often it is about connecting to a divine energy, which can be inside of you or outside of you. In your hearts, or in nature. We often think of a spiritual practice as a sitting, still and silence practice. There are also spiritual practices that involve movement as a form of meditation.

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Intuitive creation, is also form of meditation because it invites you to come deeply inside of yourself — instead of searching outside of yourself for peace, centeredness and to know your heart (your authentic self. Intuitive painting is a powerful spiritual practice, because it invites you to listen deeply to your body and your heart, then simply to express what you feel by putting paint to paper.

In classical Chinese medicine, it is believed that all illness starts in the Heart. The healthy action of the Heart is to allow all emotions to flow and be expressed in a healthy way. In contrast, when emotions are tucked away, held inside and not expressed, those emotions get stagnant, slow your energy down to a crawl, and over time, create Illness.

Inviting a daily practice of expressing what you feel with color, shape and form as a spiritual practice can  help you create a dialogue with your body and your heart. The simple act of putting one brushstroke at a time onto paper allows the energy and emotions in your heart to flow, inviting wellness.

8-minute mini class on Painting as a Spiritual Practice exercise

To get started, have on hand:
Colored pencils
Water colors or poster paints
Paper - letter size or larger