Gazing at Stars

I wonder if Whales turned on their side in the inky blackness of night to gaze at the stars? 
I was sitting at the edge of the lagoon in the middle of the night listening to the whales breathing. The Stars above me were extraordinary.  I have read that Whales navigate their epic migration at night by the Stars, So the question came to me— Do they look at the stars at night here at the lagoon, just as I am. Are we aligning with our timeless and ancient selfs when we do?

This question sits in the center of my laptop as it has since I returned from being with Grey Whale in February. It's there to remind me of that night and hopefully inspire me into something creative.

What is does is stir, is a memory that swirls and shakes something open in me. Something that is more visceral that logical.  Like a close-profound-timeless encounter with the Infinite-Divine-Spirit-God.

Why I use and invite you to use the creative journeys as a self- discovery and healing vehicle is because the intuitive, creative process allows your mind to step aside and opens you up to the visceral, the magical, to the wonder around and inside you. When you open up to the creative process, you invite your logical self to step to the side for a while, and allow your Self/ Being too open and expand.

As you create in this more expanded state, your energy starts to align your True Self: the pure part of you that is open and connected to the bigger vision of You.

Join me for the first of hopefully many creative journeys that align yourself and the Web of Life, in this class WHALE!

*Whale-ness: to know your still, deep,wide, ancient self and still be able to play.