It's just a Tree!?

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The predawn hours are magical times between day and night, the real and invisible. The twixt and between of time and space. And a great time to be with my love, Magnolia.

The other day I went to visit Magnolia. During our time apart there was a frost, so I was anxious to see how she faired. My first glimpse of her was not vibrant pink and purples but brown with frozen blooms dry and stiff on her branches.

As the Sun began to rise, I sat in the cradle of her roots; sung to her and shared with her what was in my heart and her to me. When it was time to go I was standing on the perimeter of her reach, staring at her and grappling with a love-lost feeling about leaving her.

When a voice from behind me says, “It's a tree- It's just a tree, there are trees all over the park.” I was startled and flabbergasted I turned to a middle aged man and his dog. I replied “She is so ancient.” (I wanted to say you asshole, can’t you see how old and beautiful my love is), but I just stared at him until he walked away.

I know my worldview, that Everything is alive and has spirit, is not everyone's worldview, but it's moments like this that make me realize how much education folks still need about the Web of Life. :)

This is what Magnolia shared with me last Summer about her.

“ I bring the Stars down to the Earth at night so that all creators may feel the love and joy from above.  At night, I bring the Stars to the Earth so that all may feel their wonder. At night, I bring the Stars to the Earth so that we all may survive.” 

Another day I was drawing with Magnolia and she told me, “The universe is being born from my center. Lay under my canopy and lets the Stars enter you.”