Flower Covering

Our first Spring New Moon (in the northern hemisphere). An Aries moon by its nature of action and growth is a catalyst for revealing.

What have you been tending for growth?
What is getting pulled up towards the light?
What is still under the covering* of Winter leaves?
What is about to pop up from the depths of your unconsciousness?

Do you feel those questions stirring in your belly?  Your heart?  In your energy fields around you?

Set up your creative space.
Light a candle.
Invite your spirit of creativity to be with you.
Invite the Elements- Fire-Air-Water-Earth-Above-Below to be present.

Take some deep breaths and go inward—Listen- Notice- Feel.
Allow the Moon to entrain with your feelings. Let that energy come up to the surface as you create. Slowly uncovering what has been growing, yet is still covered and protected.
Bring your awareness to how your feel. What experiences-memories-ideas come up? Let them go and keep on painting. Stay in the present moment. Don't to let the story lead you away from this moment.
Stay with you body and your feelings. Notice if there is a part of your body is trying to get your attention. If so, ask that body part how it want to express that feeling with color- shape-form (our first language).

Allow the energy of this New Moon to show you what is about to uncovered.

*There is an acupuncture Point called "Flower Covering" Ren 20, that allows you to clear away what is keeping you from blooming. To find this point, let you hand move down your neck to the soft spot between your collarbones. Then stay in the midline of your chest and drop down to the next hollow in the bones-that's the spot!  If you want, massage that point  as you create for a little extra uncovering help:)

One Breath. One Mark.