Ghost Ranch : Art Road Trip 2015

#Artroadtrip 2015
Ghost Ranch, NM

I love Ghost Ranch, the Land, and I have a very deep connection, built on years of knowing each other. The Spirits of the Land greet me with such love and I to them.  This Land reminds me to acknowledge my still quiet places.  Being at Ghost Ranch allows me to access those parts of me that are power filled- grounded, and so ALIVE.

It was at Ghost Ranch where I heard the call again to "Paint from my Heart."  This call- this message from Spirit was life changing for me; since then I  have slowly been bringing my flavor of how to paint from the heart out into the world.

I come back to Ghost Ranch out of respect to the Land who offered me the gift to come home— back into my heart. This past May I taught my workshop Conversations with Land. In this workshop, I teach how folks to listen and draw from the heart, regardless of their creative experience.

One night during the workshop we co-created with Star. If you have ever been to a high dry climate you know the Stars are so clear you can almost touch them.  We all drew star energy! For me, this drawing was also the first drawing for #artroadtrip