Get Out: Be with Nature again

A few months back, I was walking in the woods with a friend of mine; we started lamenting about how so few of our clients experience nature. Sure, we all go outside for exercise or to-go-and-fro places, but to get out just to BE WITH nature... Well, can I say it's not most people's second nature.

Everything is alive and has spirit. Nature, the Web of Life is part of our mammalian heart. My invitation to you is to get outside more and be with nature as an ally. To invite Nature be fully part of your life. To engage with the natural world as a living being and not ignored.

Most likely if you are reading this, you are looking at screens a lot. Ask yourself, "How many hours a day do I spend looking at screens?" Spending a majority of your life looking at things at one to six feet away makes you myopic- to narrow in focus and thought. You have to #get out, for the simple reason to get some vista, to see far away. To get wider get perspective.

Let yourself be reminded that Air, Water, Sun, Star, Tree, Earth, Rock, Beetle, Fox, Bird are all part of your family- as the Navaho people's say- All Our Relations. We are part of the Web of Life. I would like to invite you to join me, for the next night 40 days and get out, reconnect and remember.

Forty days is often referred to as a time of great spiritual transformation. I believe it is the length of time it takes for your body-mind-heart-spirit's muscle memory to create a new neural pathway and change you brain patterns. I would like to go consciously outside ever day and connect with Life all around me as a friend, and ally and yes reawaken that part of me that knows we are all one.  I would love you join me because it's always better to walk with friends. So let’s getout for 40 days, connect and remember that we are all part of nature, part of the web of life. It's free! I will post about getting out, going outside and getting more expansive and thoughts on how to see the world around you in a new way.

I know in my heart of heart that as we become more in harmony with the Web of Life— the more we bring healing to our planet.

Oh I almost forgot...
To help you reconnect and get a wider perpective, I have also made Self- study class of a few things that I do to consciously open up and connect with Nature   (a 10 minute recording with a PDF called "Get Out: Be with Nature again". Click here.