Writing on Creativity Responsible in UpperCase Magazine issue #33

Uppercase is a fantastic magazine for the creative and the curious. 

An offset magazine the honors the process of print, art, and how creativity effects each and everyone of us.

Here is an article on being Creativity Responsible that I wrote that was featured in issue #33 page 38 (Michele Celebre)

When we create, we have many choices on how we can be socially responsible. The most obvious way to be responsible is which products we choose. I am always searching for toxic-free products to work with, not only for my health, but for the health of the environment. I also like to offer a prayer of thanks to the trees for the paper and wood I use. A thank you for the Minerals that are the basis for pigment and a silent blessing for the water that binds it all together. When I work outside, I make sure not leave anything behind, except perhaps, a bended blade of grass.  I make sure that any pencil shaving, pastel chalk or any loose piece of paper all get packed away and deposed of properly.

Another global responsibility is to make artwork that helps raise the vibration of the planet. Staying positive and heart-full keeps all of us on an up-note, gives hope and vision for a brighter life and a happier planet.Perhaps the biggest way we can be creatively responsible is to regularly invite unity, not duality.

Everyone is creative in a way that is unique to them, so as Cultural Creatives, it is our role to invite folks to go out and find their own artistic language with color, shape, sound, words, and/or movement. Sharing the creative experience instead of separating into “Your Art versus My Art,” because we are all creative cohabiters of this planet.