A Small Gathering of Trees

I have lived in urban areas for all of my life, where living spaces are delineated by various sizes of parcels. These parcels help to define personal space, separating me  from the bigger mass of human energy out there.

Near my apartment there is a small gathering of Trees, where I often walk. As I have been getting to know the Spirit of that Land; by drawing, photographing or just by Being there. And so I have gotten to thinking that this little forest that is part of my personal space, where I am free to roam without trespassing into someone else's territory.

Last week I was visiting a friend who lives about two miles away from me, as I walked up to her house I was struck by the long vertical pull of the trees in "her back yard" They felt so familiar to me, and I realized that the trees in her "back yard" are part of my little forest's tribe.

In a flash, I saw expansiveness and the interconnected network of the Land and Trees around me. A vision void of property lines, parasols and other human limitations. A vision of wide open spaces, freedom and unity open my eyes to how I being kept in place, small, uncheck, polite.
From deep inside me I heard, "Drop your limitations- be part of the bigger whole."

I invite you, to drop your imaginary lines and connect with the bigger pulse of Life.