White Deer

A few months ago I went to an animal commutation class in NJ. One of the instructors' business card had a photo of white deer on it; the photo she tooks near her home in the Pine Barrens. 

White Deer! I never knew of White Deer- the thought sent shivers of delight though me.

Ingenious cultures say that any animal that is white is a medicine animal, a healing animal. I hold that belief as well.

Since then I have been dreaming Deer, meeting Deer on walks and signing to them (Deer loved to be sung too). I have been searching for photos of white deer, and asking Deer to speak through me when I create.

Jamie Sams the creator of Medicine Cards share this:
      Deer: Gentleness
    ...Deer is a power animal that is directing you towards a serenity of heart, mind and spirit.   Gentleness has the power to melt a heart of stone.
      Be gentle with yourself and offer kindness to all living things.

So Deer, White Deer, has come into my life to remind me to be gentle to myself, and offer and be open to kindness.

White Deer. 5x8 encaustic on wood panel, 2015