Why I wrote this book....

My book, Painting the Landscape of Your Soul: a journey of self-discovery, is going to be released on November 1st, 2014. Folks have been asking me questions about how I got started.

Why did I write this book?
This book came to me during meditation. I heard "write  Paint the Landscape of Your Soul."
I remember thinking, oh. Ohh. Ohhhhh, and as the vision got clearer, I started getting more excited about the idea. In the vision I saw the major pieces of my life, creativity and healing, fitting together like a jigsaw puzzle.

The problem was that, with words, I was not the most articulate person; never considered myself a writer. Thankfully my friend, Ann Hughes heard my call and offered to help. Every month for over a year I would send Ann chapters, and she made them readable.

 I had a very rough idea of how I wanted the book to flow. I worked out chapters ideas then organized them. Then I got smart and started to do Shamanic journeys to ask my helping spirits what else I needed to add. And I trusted.

The whole book is about trust. Trusting what I heard, Trusting my vision. Trusting my intuitive self. Trusting my heart.

So, for two years I wrote almost every day. Each month I would send Ann chapters, and she made them readable. I sent the book out to readers to make sure I was on track. Rewrote. Then I found another editor that helped me form the chapters to create a book.

Every creative adventure has a life of its own. With this book, I heard the call. I started to follow the energy; what came out is a book that takes you on a creative healing journey of self-discovery.

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Damini Celebre