Soft-Cover Book: Painting the Landscape of Your Soul

Soft-Cover Book: Painting the Landscape of Your Soul



A timeless book on the healing power of creativity 

On early morning in September of 2012, I was doing my Shamanic daily practice. While I was sitting quietly, I held this question in my heart: What gift can I share with the world?

I saw a bright magenta book fall open into my lap. As the book flipped, I saw headers called Creative Arts, Shamanism, Healing Arts...It was colorful and energized.Then I saw the title Painting the Landscape of Your Soul: a journey of self discovery.

I thought Ohhhhhh. Then I thought There is no way I can write a book. But the vision niggled at me —and as I shared my story with friends, people started to offer help and guidance.

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Foreward by Sandra Ingerman

Painting the Landscape of Your Soul takes you on a healing journey using the creative process as the foundation for self discovery. A book that ignites your creative spark and heals your Soul!. Are you interested in integrative healing and the creative arts? If so then you have found your way home. 

The author has written a book that engages and reawakens your innate creativity as a path to self discovery. This book is a step-by-step journey of empowerment, learning to trust your intuitive voice and reclaim your inner self with paint and paper.  It incorporates deep, underlying principles of healing such as energy medicine and shamanism. It’s a journey toward integration and wholeness.

No artistic skill is required!  Beginners are encouraged to join.
— Sandra Ingerman, World-Renown Shamanic Teacher & Author of Soul Retrieval

What People are Saying About Painting the Landscape of Your Soul

Painting the Landscape of your Soul illuminates Damini’s expertise with the subtle realms of color and light. Her Child Self, vibrant and awake, shines through, while behind the colors she teaches you to play with, is an old Soul, an accomplished Five Element Acupuncturist, who knows the landscape of the energy bodies that are connected to the physical. Her book is wisely is showing you how to navigate through these various layers  and levels of bodies, connected to the color and light ethers, using play as her vehicle.
— Deborah Craydon CFEP,  Co-Author:  Floral Acupuncture, Applying the Flower Essences of Dr. Bach to Acupuncture Sites
The moment I started reading about your book, tears were running. :) Thank you for your beautiful work!
— K.D.
Painting the Landscape of Your Soul is a wonderful book. I found it easy to read and I enjoyed the beautiful illustrations as well. I have read through the entire book once. I plan on reading it again very soon and trying some of the exercises. I highly recommend this book if you want to discover more about yourself. This is a great book for anyone who is or wants to be an artist. It is especially good for those of us who think we do not have any creative ability. I highly recommend it. 
— M.A.
Everything inspired me about this book. First I noticed the writing style; direct, descriptive, easy to understand, and personal. How did Ms. Celebre know what I needed to hear? Clearly, she has been here too. Then I noticed this wasn’t a book about art or painting. It is a book about using a very basic form of expression, known to us since childhood, to help us gently, in our own way discover and unveil the other thing known to us since childhood; the awesomeness of our soul-self. “Painting the Landscape of Your Soul” is an inspiring, door-opening must read. We can’t wait for life and life doesn’t wait for us. Seize the moment.
— Colleen Deatsman, author of The Hollow Bone: A Field Guide to Shamanism and Seeing in the Dark: Claim Your Own Shamanic Power Now and in the Coming Age.
As a teacher of sacred art I love this book and I recommend it to my own students. Damini Celebre shares wonderful ideas for breaking through the blocks and limiting beliefs that so many people encounter when they first try to paint or draw. The book has been illustrated with many colourful photographs showing the way and illustrating how the creative process unfolds. This book gets people painting - it is a gift (and it also makes a great gift!) 
— IA. England
Damini draws from her background in Art, Shamanism, Acupuncture, and Energy work to create the next evolution of Process Painting. From these skills, she has created painting exercises to bring one toward their authentic self. This deep work is made accessible through easy to understand language and sharing of personal stories. Painting the Landscape of Your Soul is important during these times of change and expansion toward authenticity (soul work).
— Lynn Miller MA, Expressive Arts Therapist. Author of SpiritArts, Transformation through Creating Art, Music and Dance
It’s an amazing book- photography is beautiful. Prompts and narrative gently guide you through the process. Definitely worth the money. 
— CL
This is an incredibly fabulous book that guides you to source and use your power of creative expression in so many ways. It exudes energy, joy and love of the process while encouraging the reader/artist to enjoy the freedom and spirituality that is part of the journey. Exquisitely designed book interior filled with engaging exercises that Damini generously provides to encourage creative souls to flourish and soar. 
— Judith