Your Inner and Outer landscapes


Our Soulscape is composed of both Inner and Outer landscapes.

Your Inner landscape is the world of your internal feelings, emotions, and intuition.

Your Outer Landscape is the world around you.

Both of these landscapes have an ordinary reality: what you can see with your eyes, hear with your ears, touch, and smell. And a nonordinary reality: the world you can see with your heart and feel with your senses.

Your access your Inner landscape through your body’s feelings, emotions, and intuition. The ordinary reality of your inner landscape is considered your mind, body functions, pain, stress levels, longing, depression, desire, and the stories- ideas that keep you in a box. The non-ordinary reality of your Inner Landscape is when you look to those stories and symptoms: pain, stress, longing, loneliness, etc. and invite your Body Wisdom: feelings, emotions, and intuition, to guide you towards understanding your self more.

Your Outer Landscape, Nature, is also referred to as The Web of Life, the non-ordinary reality of your Outer Landscape is that Everything is Alive and has Spirit, which means that Star, Crow, Wind, Tree, Bee, Water, and Momma Earth all are part of the Web of Life, just as you are.

Following your heart (intuition) and Seeing with your heart, is how you allow your heart to be the intermediary between you and The Spirit That Lives In All Things.


Seeing with your heart is the way to access your Inner and Outer landscapes.

Creativity is the portal to you access soul, by bringing your focus back to your heart, your body and your intuition. Intuitive creation uses these three guides connect you to your internal strengths and something bigger, your Soul.

All spiritual traditions teach that everything manifests on a spiritual level before manifesting in the physical. Where we have power right now to create change on the planet is by incorporating spiritual practices into our lives. —Sandra Ingerman

5 steps to build an intentional relationship with Nature.

  • Put your feet on the ground: Feel the earth yielding to you and You yielding to the earth

  • Take a nice long deep breath

  • Bring your attention to your Heart. Invite your heart and eyes soften with love. When your heart is full of love, and your eyes are soft — you begin to open up your senses to all that is around you.

  • State out-loud your intention “ I want to build a deeper relationship with Nature and The Web of Life all around me”.

  • Notice the Answer. Using your senses notice how nature responds. You may have a kinesthetic feeling in your body, you may get a knowing, or you may even hear a phrase.

  • Make this exercise part of your daily routine. Notice how nature responds to your heart-felt request to connect. You may have a kinesthetic feeling in your body, you may get a knowing, or you may even hear a phrase.

Practice Daily

  • How you communicate with Nature is unique to you.

  • First, you need to start asking form your heart. Then over time, you will interpret the answer that is unique to you. Trust in the response: it may be subtle like the wind caressing your check and sometimes not so subtle like a whale showing up unexpectedly.

Like any other relationship, it takes time to build a sincere dialogue. Having an open heart and an Intention to start the conversation is the first step in understanding the outer and inner, Landscape of your Soul. 💗

  1. * The Web of Life is defined as a biological and physical system that is interrelated. Rather than working as distinctly separate parts, the natural system works together in a beautifully interdependent way.

Open up to all that is in your heart and all around you.

Open up to all that is in your heart and all around you.