Heart Dreaming::exercise

Heart dreaming.jpg

Close your eyes.

Feel your feet on the ground. Invite your breath to fill your chest and give a little more space for your heart to expand a bit. To have the space to dream.

From this heart space, feel the gentleness of love. Don’t judge it, breathe into it.

Allow this soft-loving space to fill your body up. If your mind gets busy, that's okay, breathe, and invite the warm spread of love to soften your mind and your expectations.

From this place of allowing your heart to inform you, complete these sentences:

If I had complete support from the universe, the world, and my loved ones, I would…

When I feel confident, full of my truth, I will...

When I am full of hope, truth and myself, I will...

I am...

So take a moment, hold one of your dreams in your heart-mind.

Focus your intention by bringing all of your senses to this dream. See-hear-feel —experience yourself living that dream.

Notice how you feel in your body when you are experiencing your dream. Bring your body along with your heart and mind to bring you the courage to live your Soul’s truth.

Continue to work with the exercise every day or even a couple of times throughout the day.

Spend some time doing free journaling while you hold these question in your heart and write what comes up. Don’t filter or judge the answers.

Then, with some colored pencils or paint, start by letting that dream fill your whole body. As you color or paint, allow your dream to come up from your heart space, from your intuition, out into the world — by using paint. Color or paint what you feel.

Let what you love — what you dream — be stronger be than what you fear.

Let your heart guide you.

Allow your dreams to be manifested into your life.