Magnolia sings her song of love
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Everything is ALIVE and has SPIRIT. Which means that we can be in relationship with all beings, if we just learn how to listen.

Do you have a special relationship with a tree? Perhaps a tree in your back yard the you sit under and be or think.

I do. I have had for some years now, what some of my friends call it, a love affair with an elder Magnolia. I visit her often and sit under her canopy,  tell her what is in my heart. I basked in her beauty and have made several drawing of energy in various seasons.

Recently, I borrowed a machine that allows Plants sing their song, Music for Plants.
I connected it to Magnolia and told her is she would like to sing her song she can. Immediately, she began to sing her song of love. As she sung the birds came and stayed very close to the speakers!  A squirrel, laid above me hanging on a branch, for hours listening. We all swooned to the love song!