Don’t think you are an Artist? Know your truth

Painting the Landscape of Your Soul         
Did the title of this book get your attention?
Does it stir a deep longing in your heart + soul?
Did you find yourself recoiling from the call of longing and hear yourself say “I can’t paint,"
“I’m not an artist” or “I don’t have a creative bone in me”?
Those words are untrue.
You are wildly creative. And to be creative is healing.

This book is not about art or painting. This is a book about using a very basic form of expression, known to us since childhood, to help us gently discover the awesomeness of our soul-self. 
—Colleen Deatsman, author of The Hollow Bone and Seeing in the Dark

Painting the Landscape of Your Soul: a journey of self discovery helps you access the creative vitality that you were born with. This creativity takes you on a journey back to the you that you came into the world to be.

This book will allow you to explore:
Listening to your body
Trusting your intuition
Knowing your critic
Bringing back joy into your life
Integrating your fearless playful child-self to be part of your adult-self
And to Be Shiny = Be Truly you.