Our First Language : Color Shape and Form

I have never been a chatty person.  Not much for small talk, in fact I would be happiest just being in someones presence without the social obligation to talk. When I do talk I get so nervous I transpose all my words-- the same happens with writing.  But alas, life has a way of giving you opportunities to grow and stretch.  I have been an educator for over 25 years- speaking in public and writing on boards has always been a painful experience.  So when I started to write these monthly newsletters and blog posts I thought "am I mad?!"  But the truth is that I really have something to share and pictures alone just don’t do it.

I was joking with some friends that English is not my first language and how hard it is to write- the fear and worry of putting out not grammatically incorrect writings had brought on a paralyzing fear of being judged.

I said that my first language is really color shape and form. Then It dawned on me! That this is ALL of our’s first language.  Colorful shapes dangled above our cribs. Our preverbal toys are red yellow green blue balls squares and triangles. COLOR SHAPE AND FORM.  Some of us move to the written language to best communicate our thoughts, desires + wishes. For me and I suspect lots of us, this language of color shape and form is how our preverbal internal intuitive creative self likes to express itself.  A picture speaks a thousand words. Yes our creative self speaks volumes through color shape and form.

What moves me so deeply about the intuitive painting process is that I can plug into that creative preverbal part of me that knows the freedom of expression, of my true voice, and the aliveness that comes with knowing the joy of creative expression.

To meet my inner child/ adult/ women, oh hell,  lets just say that big bright shinny colorful visually articulated excited contemplative sober sad silly self to come out and play and make a mess, splash paint, finger paint, paint rainbows, make a painting all in red or black, just because it feels good and it give me a sense of freedom that I don’t get to be in the day to day and allow that to come forth.

Intuitive painting allows me to express what ever needs to be expressed from my inner self without judgment, criticism or should-haves. That then gives me more of [consider the word: deeper, truer rather than more] an experience of freedom, energy, expression in myself that I can take into the world.

You can find your first language: the freedom and energy that comes with knowing your heart and loving your life in two forms.

and in my very soon to be released book Painting the Landscape of Your Soul:   http://www.daminicelebre.com/soul-landscape