Black paint.... again :Soulscape journaling


I had an idea of what I want it to explore journaling today, but something unexpected came up while talking to a friend. The conversation gave space for me to step beyond my bravado (my All-Is-Fine mode) and let the stuff just under the surface to well, surface.

I began this Soul journaling by writing out my demons on one side then my aspirations on the other page. (Yep, I did notice that I could barely read what I wrote- hiding - covering up that’s how we protect ourselves)

Then I began to struggle about how people would perceive me if I started with black— cause I paint with black often. I started with white. Eventually, the back came in with allowed me to spend some time feeling— really feeling into what I wrote.

Eventually, what we all need to do is to honor all those emotions- feels- and tender parts that are tucked inside, just waiting to be part of the whole — ultimately honoring the good, delightful, politically incorrect and all the stuff we hate about ourselves. (hence the gold paint and mika powder).

What a great reminder of the healing power of putting paint to paper. :)