Words & Paint: Soulscape journaling


I’ve never been much of a word person. I’m dyslexic and on top of that, when I’m nervous everything gets jumbled in my brain and words free associate.

So words have never been my thing — I’m a kinesthetic gal.

What I love about intuitive creation is that you let your body lead the way. And in doing that what you need to feel, notice and reflect upon—comes out. I call that right timing.

Writing words as the foundation for soul-journaling is not necessarily about the words; although the words can be significant, It’s about the feelings that arise when you let your Body-Mind-Spirit-Soul have time for expression. A starting place. An arrow from the heart.

Body-centered creativity is the time for truth-telling.

Words come up, and they come out. The colors come up, and out. You get a glimmer of The what or why but that recognition is not what leads the way— it's your Heart and Your Body Wisdom that is inviting you to be your Brightest Highest most IN-Bodied Self. This is the sweet spot where the healing happens.

I encourage you to have some quiet time and allow your Body Wisdom, Your Intuition, and Your Heart to transform you.