Soulscape journaling :: What am I let willing to let go of?⁣ ⁣

It could be because I had just woke up and decided to soulscape journal, but it felt like this was a soft and precious question— something to savor and to hold gentle. ⁣

My mind knows the resistance, my bravado and how to run away or to push thru.⁣

My mind can tell me 1000 things to let go, but I have a sense that there’s something profound and precious that wants to be expressed.  ⁣

So I need to let my body-feels-senses lead the way. My job is to keep feeling and asking; asking and feeling.⁣

I don’t need to know the storyline. What I need to do is keep allowing my body to move, the brush to move. To follow the energy until it unblocks whatever needs to move. ⁣

The slow unfolding of wholeness is messy sometimes (just like the journal entry). It's important to let down our guard and create opportunities in your life where you can let in a little messiness.⁣