Getting Started :: a Creative Exercise


Create sacred space

Start with a private area where you will not be disturbed — a space to let your BodyMIndSpirt and Soul express freely. A place where you won’t be distracted. (This includes texts and emails too. They will be there when you’re done!)

You may want to place flowers, crystals, inspiring quotes, and/or photographs in this space.

Ritual to coming into your body.

Lighting a candle is a beautiful ritual that, over time, will remind your Being that you are moving into sacred soul space.

The lit candle represents the light inside you; that light is transformational and lights your way to knowing your soul’s truth and awakening your creative heart.

Because you want to use as many senses as possible like some incense or sage or diffuse an essential oil too.


I recommend that you work in Silence. Music is filled with emotions — and music stirs essential emotions in you. Being quiet creates a better opportunity to listen to what’s going on inside of you.


  • Poster paint (kids’ tempera paint), or colored pencils, or watercolors, or crayon

  • A large, mixed media art journal (90 lb. paperweight) or a mixed media paper pad, 9 x12 or larger (80b or a bit heavier)

  • a quart-size water container

  • paper towels

  • a few inexpensive paint brushes (or you can use your fingers)

  • a plate, cookie sheet, or something to act as a palette to put paint on

  • masking tape or binder clips to hold your paper in place on a table, door or wall

Ready? begin recording and get started first by coming back into your body…