Another way in... :: Soulscape journaling


Another way to start Soulscape Journaling is to bring your awareness back to your body. Feel into your body and begin writing what you’re feeling. Notice what sensations you feel. What emotions are coming up? Remember nothing has to make sense or follow a linear thought process.

Keep writing.

Let the words be the foundation.

Let the words connect you to your feelings, emotions and letting your unconsciousness begin to unfurl. Express what is present for you right now.

What color would that feeling be? Let a color layer over your words and your feels lead the way.

In this moment you don’t have to worry about being neat and tidy or being polite or correct.

Touch what needs to be touched.

Literally, touch what you are feeling— by touching the paint.

As you can see in the video, I got into touching what I am feeling, literally— touching the paint. I just kept feeling and touching a deep, often untouchable, sadness. Giving myself the opportunity to let that feeling surface by scarping, touching and feeling into something that, generally, I wouldn’t allow myself to get near.

Try this exercise, yourself.

Begin your process of self discovery, by starting with your body and asking yourself... What do you Feel?