Soulscape journaling :: I am love


Connecting to your Soul's Truth is a simple process: first, you make a clear intention, a statement —then allowing your body to lead the way.

The beauty of self-discovery is that the more you do "the work," the more you notice your inner critic or Saboteur's chatter. "Who the hell do you think you are to think this?". That's is ugly you can't think you like that?" Whatever shows up is not always pretty or perfect — but it's you. It's your truth for right now.

Today I ask to explore "what is the Love that made me? What is my purpose? Then to hear, see, and experience that Love.

And today what I felt into was my truth…" I am Love", "I am Grace," and I do have something to share."

Our body wisdom using spiritual and creative tools to speak to the sacred langue of our Soul. The tools of a guided visualization, Shamanic journeying, and Intuitive painting help you connect to your Soul's truth and to ultimately bringing healing and ultimately more love into your life.